“A List” 2015 Photographers Honor Destination Weddings + Honeymoons Magazine

We can’t even begin to express¬†what an honor it was to hear we were nominated to be a contender for the Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine “A List” of vendors for 2015. Being able to do what we love and love what we do is such a surreal experience in itself – moments like these leave us in disbelief. Not only were we chosen after nomination as one of the top five photographers highlighted in 2015, we were further chosen as the sole photographer with a full featured spread. The spread highlights an incredible couple, our shooting techniques throughout the day and a whole lot of love. Having a magazine contact us to let us know that we are the main photographer they’d like to highlight to their destination wedding readership for their 2015 Worldwide Guide —- really??! Humbled, Honored and Grateful is all we can say.

Tamiz Photography // www.tamizphotography.comTamiz Photography // www.tamizphotography.comTamiz Photography // www.tamizphotography.comTamiz Photography // www.tamizphotography.comApparently we are also bringing sexy back. Tamiz Photography // www.tamizphotography.com

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